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Six million

People died during the Holocaust, below the number of people who put a candle for them


Candles light


I LIGHT THE CANDLE OF MEMORY! According to the ancient symbolism, every candle lighted is a human life. During the World War Two, six million Jews were exterminated, six million candles were extinguished prematurely. Together, we are lighting candles in memory of each of them. When the personal information is added, the candle can be dedicated to a concrete person, and a special certificate can be printed. When lighting a candle, one may make a contribution. All contributions will be used to establish memorials.


The international project ‘Candle of Memory’ is dedicated to the preservation of memory of Holocaust victims. The memory does not have geographical boundaries, nationality, language, age or social position. Light your own candle of memory, shoot a video about it, invite your friends and colleagues to take part in the project. Send your video to and find it on the interactive map of the world. Tell us about the memory project that takes place in your community, your city, your country.